Mary exists in Αthens

Mary exists in Athens Is that true? What do you know about Mary? What do you know about her existence?

Urbanism! (vol.2)

The Art of Urbanism exists! And its getting closer! Step by step! Day by day!

A million thanks!

16.666 views in 1.5 years. Weird milestone, but intriguing. Thank you all. 16.666 επισκέψεις σε 1,5 χρόνο. Περίεργο ορόσημο, αλλά αξιοπερίεργο. Σας ευχαριστώ όλους. Dedicated | Αφιερωμένο:

Florence, living the Renaissance

I spent only a few hours in Florence, but it was enough to fall in love with the city. Despite the many tourists, the spirit of the Renaissance was in every alley. I… Continue reading

Rome, eternal memory.

Takeaway espresso and we can start our tour in Rome!

Easy Saturday

It’s an easy Saturday. Relaxind day for both! Man and animal. Or even man is an animal?